Timber & Sustainability

Timber and sustainability

Timber is one of the most sustainable construction materials.  Wik Timber manages the forest from which it harvests trees responsibly in line with strict standards imposed by the sales permit issued to it by the Queensland Government.  Those standards require forestry activities to be undertaken in a systematic manner that addresses a range of forest values, protects and maintains biological diversity, maintains productive capacity of the forest, maintains ecosystem health and vitality and protects soil and water resources.

Harvesting trees for timber production that would in any event be cleared from bauxite mining lease areas promotes a significantly improved environmental outcome than the alternative.  Our goal is to take a leading role in mine rehabilitation on our country, integrating seed gathering and propagation and a planting program that will underpin an ongoing, sustainable forestry industry on western Cape York that continues to provide better outcomes for our people and our country well beyond the life of mining. As an indigenous business, Wik Timber is committed to protecting the natural, cultural and spiritual values that are important to the traditional owners.